Kreussler Pharma

Kreussler Pharma have been developing, manufacturing and selling pharmaceutical drugs, medicinal products and cosmetics on the national and international markets since the division was founded in 1948. They focus on two main areas:

  • Self-medication for the mouth and throat that is supported by doctors, paediatricians and dentists. Dynexan Mundgel® is one of the most commonly prescribed medicinal products in Germany for painful oral mucosa, gums and lips. The alcohol-free and over-the-counter mouth rinse solution Dynexan Proaktiv 0.2% CHX was the first pharmaceutical product of its kind and was brought onto the market by Kreussler. The product range also includes products such as Recessan® and Dequonal®.

  • Phlebology, proctology and gastroenterology. The Aethoxysklerol® range from Kreussler Pharma is available in more than 50 different countries, offering sclerotherapy solutions for varicose vein sufferers. One simple injection in the affected part of the vein is a rapid, safe and cost-effective way of eliminating unattractive spider veins and varicose veins that need medical intervention, without the need for surgery. It can also be used in treatment against haemorrhoids and oesophageal varices. Kreussler Pharma is the world's leading manufacturer in this sector.