Kreussler - a company with a strong past and a strong future

The chemical manufacturer, Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH, with its two divisions, Kreussler Pharma and Kreussler Textile Chemistry, is a medium-sized company that was founded in 1912 by Christian Kreussler. Since its founding, the company has been owned by four generations of the Travers-Kreussler family.

Extremely specialised, future-oriented, international and independently owned - that's what sets Kreussler truly apart. The key to their success lies in both their innovative excellence and their scientific approach to operations. This is true of their healthcare products - which need to cater to the interests of patients, doctors and pharmacists - as well as of their highly concentrated, user-friendly professional textile care products. In both the pharmaceutics and textile care sectors, we market brand products that we also support with our own research. Perhaps it's no wonder that we're often considered pioneers.

In the Pharma division, this includes:

  • carrying out the first GCP conform clinical study in sclerotherapy in China
  • the world's first approval of Polidocanol - including use as a microfoam for foam-sclerotherapy
  • the first new approval of a sclerosant product in the USA by one of the world's most demanding authorities
  • one of the first German manufacturers of GMP conform active pharmaceutical ingredients and the first manufacturer worldwide of US FDA conform Polidocanol

Kreussler have enjoyed significant success in the field of Textile Chemistry due to their systematic approach to research and development, together with successful application technology. 

Patented milestones include

  • the development of MieleSystemKreussler wet cleaning
  • the Ecosan process that saves both energy and water in industrial laundry
  • the liquid detergent system Derval Power with the technical washing powers of a powder detergent
  • SystemK4 for textile cleaning as the environmentally-friendly alternative to perchlorethylene cleaning